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A new tradition developed in the 19th and 20th century, centering on bare insight in conjunction with samatha. It is often translated as'"insight" or "clear-seeing", though the "in-" prefix in "insight" may be misleading; "vi" in Indo-Aryan languages is equivalent to the Latin "dis. Lhak means "higher", "superior", "greater"; tong is "view, to see". So together, lhaktong may be rendered into English as "superior seeing", "great vision" or "supreme wisdom.
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The Development of Insight: The Path to Freedom In the process of satipatthana meditation I am always concerned with the question: what is the predominant. In Buddhist practice, acquiring liberating insight goes hand-in-hand with mental cultivation. We cannot have deep insight without developing.
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For the beginning meditator I believe it would be helpful to establish an order in the various steps taken in meditation. First, then, it would be wise to establish a place of quiet to which one may retire daily and not be interrupted in his endeavors. Then wash carefully face, hands and feet. Better yet, if time permits, take a cleansing shower and put on loose, comfortable clothes.
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    First of all it is important to adopt a posture that is easy and relaxing so that you can sit still for a period of time.

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    In Buddhist practice, acquiring liberating insight goes hand-in-hand with mental cultivation.

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